Why Bedrocks & Borderlands?

As I was dreaming up this site, I was having trouble landing on a name. I knew that as I wrote about life and ministry, for every certainty I would I pen, there would be ten wonderings…questions about how to navigate the in-between of what we already know but haven’t yet realized. Those solid foundations that give us our secure footing as we sojourn through unfamiliar lands between where we came from and where we are headed led me to Bedrocks & Borderlands.


bed-rock*: noun

                          1) the solid rock that lies beneath the surface of the ground

                          2) a strong idea, principle, or fact that supports something

bor-der-land*: noun

                          1) the land on either side of a border between countries

                          2) an unclear state or condition that is between two things and is like each of  

                              them in some ways

*definitions from Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary.

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